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We will get through this... together.

Face It! Masks fight COVID-19.

Face it. Wearing a mask is a personal decision that saves lives and may very well save livelihoods in Tennessee. We will get through this by working together. Social distancing, washing your hands, wearing masks are all great ideas that can save you, can save me, and can save our economy.

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Total Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus is no joke, and we know it. At the same time we are greatful for being one of the safest places in Tennessee.



Testing is provided free to everyone in Tennessee, but we still need to practice wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing.



The real heros are the frontline workers who have taken care of our loved ones. Let them know they have your love & support.



We are thankful for our good health, great open outdoors, and everyone working together to beat this virus.

Perry County Historical Society Driving Tour

Historic Driving Tour of Perry County

Community Response to COVID-19

It's Just Our Nature

Dining & Lodging Tim's Video Corner and Cafe

While extra precautions must be taken during this time, we are able to offer curbside service and dine-in with our new dining addition.  Just call ahead at (931) 589-5401 and give us your order.  It will be hot and ready by the time you reach us.  Our menu consists of all American food...

Hikers love to climb the trails at Mousetail
Parks & Recreation Mousetail State Park

Mousetail Landing State Park is a 1,247-acre (5.05 km2) state park located on the eastern bank of the Tennessee River in Perry County, Tennessee near Linden. The park was established in 1986, making it one of the more recent additions to the Tennessee State Parks system.

Parks & Recreation Float the Buffalo

Locally the Buffalo River has long been a place for summer adventures.  Rent a canoe at Heath's Canoe Rental in Lobelville, go to the Grimes Boy Scout Canoe Camp, or Flatwoods where the creek is crystal clear and deep enough for kayaks and canoes.  Contact the following...

Parks & Recreation Lady's Bluff TVA Small Wild Area

Lady’s Bluff, a TVA Small Wild Area, is a pocket reservation centered around high limestone bluffs on the Tennessee River. The area is characterized by varied ecosystems, including the bluff, the Lick Creek embayment, limestone glades and outcroppings, natural sinks and...

Dining & Lodging Places to Stay In & Around

 There are many places to stay around Perry County, whether you are looking for a hotel experience, motel, bed & breakfast, camping, near the interstate or close to town.  Wherever you choose to stay, we hope you enjoy your visit to Perry County.

Parks & Recreation Covid-19 Hunting/Fishing FAQ's

Covid-19 has created an enormous amount of questions surrounding our ability to hunt and fish in Tennessee during this crazy time. The Governor, the Tennessee Wildlife Commission, and your TWRA believe that the outdoors plays an integral role in the health of all Tennesseans....

Parks & Recreation Fishing

Fishing in the Tennessee River is allowed anywhere you can reach water.  And with Mousetail Landing State Park located on the Tennessee River, fishing is a popular activity.   Bass, bream, crappie, stripe and catfish can be caught along the banks. 

Commodore Hotel Dining
Dining & Lodging Places to Eat in Linden

There are multiple food choices in Linden.  Whether it's fine dining, or just a burger on the go, you can find it.  All of the following are open to the public to dine in, and also offer carry-out services, but be sure to call ahead since hours may change due to...

Parks & Recreation Hunting in Tennessee

Tennessee Hunting Hunting is big in Tennessee, but it wasn't always that way.  The white-tail deer population had mostly disappeared by the late 1800's, having been hunted to the point of extinction in Tennessee.  By late 1940's there were fewer than 1,000 deer in the entire...

Dining & Lodging Buffalo River Resort

The Buffalo River Resort offers a different experience in lodging.  There are cabins for rent, but you can also camp right by the river.


Enjoy Perry County

It's Just Our Nature

History, fishing, boating, camping, hunting... Perry County offers that and so much more.

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You'll feel right at home...

As COVID-19 is on the rise, it is also a time when we most want to get out and not be confined in our homes. It is possible to visit with us, enjoy the outdoors and have a great time as well. With that being said, there are important restrictions to be followed when you are out and about. That includes washing your hands for 20 seconds, social distancing, and wearing your mask when social distancing is not possible.

When you visit one of our park areas, and are not near others in your immediate group, you can relax wearing a mask, but never be far away from it in case you find yourself in a situation where distancing is impossible.

We can get through this, and one day be able to wonder at what we had to do, but for now protect yourself, protect your family, and protect others who cannot protect themselves.

We Are Your Team

Meet Your Team

Mayor John Carroll, Perry County

As the Mayor of Perry County, I want to welcome everyone to visit with us and enjoy the piece of heaven we call home. For those of us who have grown up here, we know what we've got and want to share it with you. Come play with us!

Mayor Robby Moore, Lobelville

The City of Lobelville offers various activities for a variety of preferences regardless of age or gender. One can fish, swim, hunt, enjoy picnics and camping, or golf in and around our community. Be sure to stop by our office in City Hall and say hello on your next visit.

Mayor Wess Ward, Linden

As of now, Perry County has the highest percentage of positive COVID-19 cases in the State of Tennessee, and ranks 39 over all in the nation. As citizens of our great county, we have a responsibility to come together at this crucial moment and stop the spread of this virus.

Preventing the Spread is Mandatory

Wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distancing help prevent the virus.

Wearing a Mask Makes Sense for All

Use your head when considering a social activity and wear a mask!

Medical Assistance is Available Here

Medical assistance and free COVID-19 testing is available to everyone.

Chamber Chat

Perry County Tennessee Chamber Chat

Your Chamber is working for you.

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There are many ways to enjoy your visit to Perry County, Tennessee.  Whether it's fishing, hunting or just the great outdoors that draws you here, please remember to play safe and always wear a mask when in a group.


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